All who are interested in the subsurface, could, free of charge, view and request data on DINOloket of TNO, Geological Survey of the Netherlands. These data originate from both TNO's DINO repository and BRO (Subsurface Key Register). Read more about this here (Dutch only). For more information about the Mining Act visit NLOG.

BRO activities in DINOloket

Good news! There are new registrationobjects added to the DINOloket. From now on you can consult the two BRO-maps (from Wageningen Environmental Research). The following has been added since 1 January 2020:

  • Geotechnical borehole desciptions and analyses
  • Pedological soil face research
  • Soil map
  • Geomorphology

Furthermore, the 3 subsurface models from TNO are now also officially a BRO model: DGM, REGIS II and GeoTOP. These can of course also be found at DINOloket. We are looking forward to your feedback.

DINOloket is used for instance by engineering and consultancy firms, regional water authorities, provinces, municipalities, Rijkswaterstaat, construction and contractor companies, architects, conservation organisations, schools, universities and civilians.