Completely revamped Stratigraphic Nomenclature online

As of today, the completely revamped Stratigraphic Nomenclature is online. Some of the highlights of the renewed version are the integration of shallow and deep stratigraphy, full bilingualism, shorter text, new distribution maps and the addition of core photos. An extensive interface has also been added to the online Nomenclature, which makes it easier to use. Substantive changes will be implemented gradually in the coming period.

Overview with information of all rock layers

The online Nomenclature provides an overview of all rock strata used by TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands for making geological maps and subsurface models. New insights about the structure of the Dutch subsurface will be regularly processed here in the form of updates. This revamped Stratigraphic Nomenclature replaces all analogue and digital predecessors and is therefore the source of stratigraphic information.

New and user-friendly interface

You can navigate the online Stratigraphic Nomenclature using the search bar or the tiles. Thanks to these new search options and the possibility to search by terms, it is easier to find the right information.

It is also possible to view the information of the Stratigraphic Nomenclature from the models. When viewing a cross section or virtual borehole from a model, you can click on a stratigraphic unit and will be forwarded to the online Stratigraphic Nomenclature. You will find additional information about the Nomenclature at the bottom left of the homepage by clicking 'Background information'.

User experience

Your feedback on the completely revamped online Stratigraphic Nomenclature is very welcome. You can respond immediately by using the Feedback button. For questions about the Stratigraphic Nomenclature, please contact us via the contact form.